"Grab the Flag" 2007 at the Pannonia Circuit in Hungary

After a break of 14 years, Hirschi entered his completely rebuilt LAVERDA 1200 in this year's ”Grab the Flag“. This is a race series where absolute speed-freaks are thrashing their classic bikes close to the red line. With a lot of support from his friends Hirschi made for a respectable eight place in the first race of the open class. In the second race he won the extremely tough fight against a Japanese four in a superior way and turned a sensational fifth. Direct quote of the beaten Kawa-rider after the race: ”That sod!!!“ While other riders were busy stripping engines, repairing gearboxes and retightening bolts, Hirschi didn't have to unpack his tools one single time! This year there were respectable six LAVERDAS on the grid, amongst them one original 750 SFC.