"Zeitreise" - Time travel - Motorcycle Classic in Laa an der Thaya/Lower Austria

The "Time-Travel" Motorcycle Classic was held on Sunday 30th May.
Between 1954 and 1961 Laa an der Thaya hosted Motorcycle road races which formed part of the national championship. Horst Stowasser who had been an active racer from 1964 until 1968 organised the event as an hommage to those historic races. Many former Austrian motorcycle racers took part in the parade on the Laa city course.
Four LAVERDA friends entered the race: Although the track was wet from the rain, Andi (1000 3CL), Erich (750 SF), Franz (750 SF3) and Gert (1000 3CL), made for an optical and acoustic experience for the numerous spectators. Maria, Jürgen, Stefan, Christl and Roman as well as Michl and Michi had come all the way for moral support of the LAVERDA riders.
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