"Grab the Flag" 2010 am Pannoniaring / Ungarn

30th April - 2nd May 2010:
The first "Grab the Flag" race of the year took place in Hungary (www.pannonia-ring.com). The Austrian LAVERDA-Fraction was represented through Robert Hirschegger on his black 1200 (64), Horst Scheuer with a rare Haider LAVERDA 1200 SC (17), Hansi Mayer with his well-proven 750 SF (56), "Doc Holiday" Erich Weidenholzer with his orange 750 SF (50), Konrad Karner with a gorgeously rebuilt and painted in the Gulf-Racing colour scheme 750 SF (173) and Hermann Ansorge with his 500 Barcelona Replica (82).
From Switzerland the quick Peter Strasser had arrived with a LAVERDA 1000 (69). There was not a single German LAVERDA rider in the whole field.
The weather was glorious, the races exciting and we managed to get all the necessary repairs done. The "strategic meetings" were very exhausting and lasted till dawn! We are already looking forward to the next "Grab the Flag" race!