„Grab the Flag“ 2010 – AutoMotodrom Grobnik, Rijeka/Croatia

27 - 29 September - Last race of the "Grab the Flag"-season 2010 in Rijeka (www.grobnik.hr): Robert "Hirschi" Hirschegger entered his black LAVERDA 1200 SC after an engine rebuild and Hansi Mayer brought his well-proven 750 SF. Peter Strasser (Switzerland) has rigged up and, along with his old 1000, had a 1000 Spaceframe in the pits. The latter caused a few problems in the beginning as he rode her on the track for the first time. But with joined forces the troubles could be overcome right on the spot. Much more of a problem for Peter was an extensive session at the local pub with the Austrians. His stamina the next day was seriously wanting.

Hansi ended fifth in the Sportsmen 750 class, while Peter came 10th and Hirschi 18th in the strong field of the open class.

The highlight of the event this time however was the 2 hour endurance race. Hirschi on his LAVERDA 1200 and Günther on a Bimota KB1 formed the "Kukident-Racing-Team" (Many thanks to Peter Strasser for his assistance in finding a befitting name!), looked after by Marika and Gert. 30 minute stints were stipulated. Günther came back into the pits after his first turn and dismissed our concerns with a "f***ing cool". After two hours the Kukindent-Racing-Team passed the finish-line without any technical problems and ended 5th in the open class.

We are already looking forward to the next racing season in 2011 at the Pannoniaring, the Slovakiaring and in Rijeka! (www.grabtheflag.de)