Fishtown-Race Bremerhaven/Germany, 8.9. 6. 2014

Over the long weekend of the religious holiday Pentecost, this year the unique road race at the fishing port of Bremerhaven was held under the heading "LOUD, CRUDE, REAL". Bernhard Zojer reckoned he'd be able to give them some of that: "My LAVERDA is LOUD, my riding style is CRUDE and I am also a REAL Eastern-Tyrolean!"
Just before the race Bernhard had completely updated the electrics on his bike and installed a DMC ignition. A dyno-run with fine-tuning of the carburettors gave the final polish to the race-prep. It resulted in fantastic 97 hp at the rear wheel of his LAVERDA 1200. All the big dream bikes of the 70s were entered in group 6 - Sound of Classic Senior. As a Fishtown-rookie Bernhard gained a 6th place in the first and a fabulous 5th place in the second race. And of course his LAVERDA was a magnet for the public in the paddocks.