Historic Motorcycle GP - "Oldtimer Grand Prix" - Schwanenstadt, Upper Austria, 6.7. September. 2014

The "Oldtimer Grand Prix" of Schwanenstadt is held only every second year on a 2.7 km long road circuit and is very popular with racers as well as spectators. This year's Guest of Honour was Freddie Spender, multiple World Champion and winner of the Daytona race. He enthused the crowd with spectacular wheelies on the finishing straight.

Three LAVERDAs were on the starting grid: Rudi Fixl with his 350 racer, Horst Gassner with his 750 SFC Replica and Reinhold "Pilot" Weinert of the "Laverda Connection Oberpfalz" (Bavaria) with his 750 SFC-Replica in endurance-trim. Unfortunately Reinhold had to withdraw already in practice due to an unusual defect: Both rear shocks of his SFC-replica had broken, due to an assembly-fault. He only just managed not to crash and took the fact that he was reduced to mere spectating with dignity!

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