10th International Sonntagberg Classic Trophy, 26. April 2014

The Sonntagberg Classic Trophy starts at Rosenau and runs for about 3km with a maximum uphill grade of approximately 11% to Sonntagberg, a village on top of a hill in Lower Austria. 90 motorcycles and 9 sidecars were entered. Both races were held in what can only be described as "classic April weather".

Three LAVERDA-racers were on the grid: Robert Schlachter with his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC (number 16), Gerhard Schütt on a LAVERDA 1000 3CL Jota-Replica (55) and Rudi Fixl (24) on a LAVERDA 350 which had been adorned with Piero Laverda's signature. Forza LAVERDA!

The event was organised in an exemplary way by the ÖAMTC-branch of Amstetten and except for some minor bodywork damage nothing untoward happened.

For results see: www.oeamtc-zv-amstetten.at/fotoalben/sonntagbergclassictrophy2014/index.htm

Photos: Erich Müllegger, Gerhard Schütt