Fishtown-Race Bremerhaven/Germany, 24. -25. May 2015

Bernhard Zojer has been to the famous Fishtown-Race Bremerhaven again and sent us the following report:

Hi guys, back home safe from my travels North! Unfortunately there weren't many LAVERDA riders in Bremerhaven. Just one 750 in the parade-lap and one in my class (Sound of Classic Senior).

The race was a big success for us East-Tyroleans! My friend Gattl finished 6th and 7th, but in my opinion was nominated in the wrong class. With his time he would have dominated our class. I was a fair bit faster than last year - about 4 seconds - but the whole field was better as well. Twice I finished 9th and am very satisfied with my result. Both my races were rather turbulent, red-flagged twice after crashes. I had brought my Guardian Angel and just as well! The guy in front of me blocked my view of the curbs when entering the chicane. I touched them and my LAVERDA nearly spat me off. Thereafter I was known in the pits as the "Austrian Bull-rider"!!!

Many thanks to Angela and Renato for the fantastic photos!

Results, photos and videos: