"Grab the Flag" Race for historic motorcycles in Rijeka/Croatia 2015

The season final of the "Grab the Flag" was held on 21/22/23 September at the Automotodrom Grobnik/Rijeka. Once again the LAVERDA-racers were good for some surprises.

Bernhard Zojer constantly improved his pace in practice and finished a fantastic 5th in the first race in the BoTT-class.

It was already during the first practice session that Horst Scheuer noticed that his green Haider-LAVERDA 1200 didn't seem to want to rev out. Even though Gert and Horst frantically tried to get to the bottom of the problem it took them almost to the start of the first race to find out what it was: A clogged fuel-pump.

In his heroic battle with Bavarian hedgehoppers and Japanese power-monsters, Peter Strasser had to take the emergency exit into the gravel thus destroying his Spaceframe-LAVERDA and injuring his right hand and his knee.

During the second race, which was held in the wet, two riders proved that their LAVERDAs were also reliable when it rains:
For the first time, Bernhard Zojer finished on the podium with his red 1200 3rd place in the BoTT-Class.
The hero of the day however was Max Kuypers on his LAVERDA 350 who managed the unthinkable: He won the wet race in the Classic 350 class!

Congratulations to these fantastic results! We are already looking forward to the next season.