12th International Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race at the Red-Bull-Ring, 8 – 9 July 2015

This year, with temperatures that felt like being in a cauldron, there were only three LAVERDA riders - bike-numbers in brackets - at the start of the 4.3km long race at the Red Bull Ring: Horst Scheuer (146) with both his LAVERDA 1200 racers, Willi Werndl (21) with his orange-blue 1000 and Hansi Mayer (36) with a new engine in his 750 SF.

Unfortunately the model year limit was raised yet again this year to 1990, leading to a very strange mix of bikes in several races.

Horst and Willi fought a gripping battle. On Friday Willy managed to come ahead in the internal LAVERDA-scoring in the 6 laps Sprint-race. On Saturday, inspired by the visit of his partner Conny, Horst fought back and beat Willi in the main race of 9 laps with a gap of 0.7 seconds. Last but not least, Hans Mayer's new 750 engine held. Unforutnately however, his LAVERDA shook off the GoPro camera mounted on the hump seat - even though we all know that LAVERDAs don't vibrate ;-)

We would really have appreciated a somewhat bigger crowd and slightly more support from LAVERDA friends!

For results see here: www.raceresults.at

(Pictures: Gert Schnögl)