60. Fishtown-Race, Bremerhaven/Germany, 4.5. Juni 2017

Bernhard Zojer: "The Fishtown-Race is the absolute highlight of the race-season for me. As it was held for the 60th time this year, the interest of the media was quite big. The organiser, Hinrich "Hinni" Hink invited us to an event with the press where the best bikes of each class would be featured. My Laverda and Gattl's bike were made to shine.
In qualifying I had a mighty rear-wheel slide and thought I had probably reached my limits and should be careful. Immediately afterwards I saw the red flag. On my way to the pits I saw a crashed rider - a total of 7 - lying in the straw-bales in every corner of the track. What on earth was going on? When I got off my bike in the pits I saw the mess: Oil all over my boot and the rear wheel, a crack in the primary cover. With a really bad conscience I reported this. However there was obviously a second rider involved in the oil-misery. Our group would have to go through scrutineering again the next day. Thank God I had brought a spare primary cover from Gert. After some frantic repairs everything was fine again in the evening and I was knackered.
The route this year had been slightly mitigated, more angular but also more selective. Given the strong competition my 10th and 11th place were quite satisfying. This year however I could not keep up with my friend Gattl: He raced like there was no tomorrow and finished 2nd in the second race after having to withdraw from the first race due to electrical problems. In any case it was a superb weekend, record number of spectators, glorious weather and countless fish-rolls...
I won't give up hope to get some backing up here in the north from our Laverda-squad.