"Grab the Flag" - Race for Classic Motorcycles, 25. – 27. 9. 2017, Grobnik/Rijeka/Croatia

Three eventful days in Grobnik - five LAVERDA triples were entered in the BOTT-class:

Robert "Hirschi" Hirschegger already put down a personal record in practice with 1:46.639. In the first race he ended a fantastic fourth. Thereafter unfortunately he had to withdraw due to a serious head-cold.

Horst Scheuer and Bernhard Zojer were running pretty close in their lap times, which Bernhard taking the lead this time: In his best lap of 1:48.890 he gained half a second on Horst. After the engine of his Haider-LAVERDA 1200 blew up, Horst Scheuer had to swap to his classic 1200. He finished 7th in the first race and 5th in the second race, Bernhard finished 5th and 4th respectively. Great results!!!

Peter Corbic had his debut at the "Grab the Flag" riding his Harris-LAVERDA. He was having a few technical issues which could be mostly resolved straight away, except for his gearbox which was limited to four gears. Nevertheless he managed get his lap-times down to 2:03.

The fifth LAVERDA was ridden by Thomas Wagensohn from Germany. He completed a few practice runs however didn't enter any races.

Our endurance-team with riders Hansjörg "Gattl" Gatterer and Horst Scheuer unfortunately had to throw in the towel. Horst's LAVERDA had an electrical problem, draining the battery already during the first 20 minute turn. He managed to bring the transponder back into the pits and Gattl was able to push on. At the next change of rider though, Gattl realised that he had actually injured himself when crashing out in the second race. We had to withdraw and take Gattl to hospital to get him checked out properly...

Detailed results can be found here:

Many thanks to all LAVERDA-riders for their fantastic commitment!