70 Years MOTO LAVERDA - The Big Meeting in Breganze, 5.7. July 2019

Breganze here we come: On Thursday five of us left Vienna and after our first overnighter in Carinthia our group had grown to 10 riders. (Peter, Franz, Andreas, Kurt, Hans, Hannes, Karl, Christian, Martin und Gert). Tourguide Hannes led us along small backroads through Friuli and the valleys of Piave and Brenta to Breganze. Despite the searing heat our LAVERDAs ran perfectly just as if they were following the scent leading them home. Only Andreas complained about not being able to find 5th gear.

Late in the afternoon on Friday we arrived at our Hotel in Mason Vicentino. A quick shower and off we went to the main square of Breganze. Everything was still fairly quiet, the shopwindows in the centre of Breganze were decorated with LAVERDAs and LAVERDA-regalia. Check in for the rally was set up on the premises of the old company.

Saturday morning the view of the Piazza Mazzini changed remarkedly: LAVERDA-riders appeard from every direction and the space filled up with LAVERDAs, LAVERDA-riders and LAVERDA-fans from all over Europe. There were even some who had come all the way from Australia, Canada and the US. A few dealerships and clubs had set up information stalls. We had barely finished our first espresso and were already listening to a talk by Piero Laverda, followed by lunch in the pavillion.

In the afternoon it was time for the LAVERDA racebikes to roar: A little circuit had been set up in front of Riccardo Oro's workshop, on which the racebikes of the LAVERDA CORSE Team were presented. Piero Laverda not only rode the 1000 V6 but also did a lap on a LAVERDA 750 sidecar. This was also a great opportunity to take another look at Riccardo's workshop and his impressive collection of LAVERDAs.

Saturday evening we met in the pavillion for the big, multi-course Gala Dinner, which was perfectly organised and - of course - tasted fantastic. Kudos to the organisers from Moto Laverda Club Breganze and the catering-team. In between the numerous courses of the menu there was time to catch up with friends and acquaintances and meet LAVERDA riders from all around the world. It was already 2 a.m. when we finally got back to our hotel.

Sunday morning the Piazza filled up quickly again. We had time for a few cold drinks and to wander around to admire all the various LAVERDA models. Come lunchtime the first few friends bade their farewells and left for home. The Piazza Mazzini became a lot quieter.

Monday morning the heroes of the Rally Milano-Taranto (more than 1,800 km in 6 days) arrived at their stage finish Breganze. It was beautiful and touching to watch how they were welcomed, hailed and applauded by relatives and the public.

We decided to make our way back home in 2,5 days which meant that we had time to take the detour over Grossglockner. At the Hochtor at 2,500 m it was a chilly 6 C and on our descent towards Bruck we had to find our way through a dense wall of fog. The fun bit was to meet two swedish LAVERDA 750-riders who of course had also been to Breganze. On Wednesday we rode on glorious mountain roads from the Enns-valley back towards Vienna and we all arrived home safe and sound.

This was the mother of all parties! Never before had there been more LAVERDAs and LAVERDA-riders to Breganze! We are already looking forward to the meeting to celebrate 75 years of MOTO LAVERDA.