Moto Circle Vienna 2019

For the third time now, the Moto Circle Festival was held on 7/8 September: It is a celebration of motorcycle-culture with custom bikes, cafe racers, retro- and classic-bikes, handicraft, design and fashion, workshops, and, for the first time, a moped race. This time the Moto Circle was hosted in the harmonious ambience of the old workshop of the former coffin-factory Atzgersdorf, which nowadays is a cultural and event centre F23.wir.fabriken.

Perfectly organised by Volker Schaffler, Wolfgang Weiss and Clemens Rössler the Moto Circle offers a creative and young in-crowd the option to show their bikes and lifestyle. Even vintage, veteran and classic bikes have their fixed spot in the concept and were represented really well this year.

The LAVERDA FREUNDE exhibited three very different LAVERDAs: Karl Zettel a beautifully modified LAVERDA 500, Gerhard Ruzicka his freshly restored LAVERDA 750 SF2 "The Mexican" and Gert Schnögl a LAVERDA 750 SFC-Replica, that he built for his friend Harald.

The iconic editor Zonko was once again on the move for and interviewed Gert (starts at 18:46):