Maximilian Mahlmeister surprised us with the presentation of a roadworthy MOTO MARTIN LAVERDA 1200 in Martini-Design. At the beginning of November 2020 she got approved by the German TÜV, which is not a mean feat!

The French Moto Martin frame was built in 1976 and is a "Structure Lateral Series 1" frame with conventional doble rear shocks. Apparently Georges Martin built just four of these frames for the 180 LAVERDA triple engine. Following customer requests he basically built everything from spaceframes to backbone type frames.

The front end sports 38er Ceriani forks Brembo P08 calipers and a spoked 2.5 inch Akront wheel, whilst at the back the 3.5 inch wheel of the LAVERDA 1000 SFC was fitted with spokes. Tyres are tried and tested Conti Road Attacks.

The engine was re-built using 80mm JB-pistons. Special cam-shafts were sourced from Gijs van Dijk. The inlet port was increased to 36mm, the outlet to 34mm. Ignition uses a DCM system. 36mm Mikunis provide 'food' and a 3 into 1 Sulzbacher Replica exhaust system deliver the perfect sound.

A particularly tasty tidbit is the vertically split valve cover which makes it possible to work on the cylinder-head without taking the engine out of the frame.

Max designed and realised the special Martin faces of the Nippon Denso Instruments. The speedo goes up to 300 km/h - that should just be enough for this racer. Max: "I showed the faces years ago to Georges Martin atSpa-Francorchamps, and he was very pleased to see his name implemented on the instruments."

For all of you who have become curious now and might want to know more about MOTO MARTIN, Max recommends to read the detailed history written by his friend Dieter Michels:

HAUER-, RAU-, MOTO MARTIN-LAVERDA - what is Max going to present us next …?