15th annual rally LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH on 29. 8. 2020 in Maria Schutz/Lower Austria

We are happy to be able to tell everyone that despite a forecast of rain 27 LAVERDA riders joined us at our rally in Maria Schutz am Semmering.

It stayed dry until late afternoon and we were able to welcome not just our regulars but also several new LAVERDA friends. Reinhold "Pilot" Weinert even brought along six of his friends from the Upper Palatinate in Germany. Thomas Staedtler's heavily aeruginous 1969 American Eagle was a hot discussion topic. Looking at Dagmar's lovely 350 some were wondering whether 1200cc were really necessary in the first place. Gerhard Dank had registered his 350 just the day before the rally after passing the roadworthy-test with flying colours. Andreas Bachtrögler didn't quite manage to get his new 1000 3CL ready for the rally but that didn't keep him from coming. There were also lots of discussions about Hans Holzmeister's 1000 3CL which he had rebuilt in his own typical fashion. Donat from Carinthia brought a true LAVERDA-rarity: A LAVERDINO 49cc two-stroke from the early sixties with upside-down forks and mechanical disc-brakes. Hans Jorda had re-routed the classic-run of the Ducati MC to Maria Schutz, and finally showed us his early original LAVERDA 1200. The Kirchberg Moto Guzzi club arrived at our rally with a group of delegates headed by their president Vroni. Thanks to everyone who didn't let the weather deter them from coming to our meeting.

The outdoor area of the pub "Zum Auerhahn" was filled up to the last table. Petra and Björn as always kindly looked after their hungry and thirsty guests. Many heartfelt thanks to both and we will be back!