News from the workshops of the LAVERDA-Freunde

Bernhard Zojer rolled his orange and black LAVERDA 1000 SH out of the garage just in time for the start of spring though still during the Corona-lockdown and started the engine. In Bernhard's own words: "The neighbours are happy about the noise in the alley – finally something's going on again around here."

Erich Mülleggers LAVERDA 750 SF1 has come out of hibernation. She glistens in the sun and has been eagerly awaiting her first use. After a rebuild of the engine and a clean-up of the electrics Erich has already done 3500 flawless kilometres in the saddle.

Franz Laimböck sends news about his LAVERDA Hi-tech project LaiLA. In his own words: "Right now I am working on the CAD of cylinder heads with coolant ducts similar to those used in F1-engines. This requires intensive discussions with the foundry and the 3D-printers. The result will fit every LAVERDA triple and be of an authentic outward appearance. Valve-lift will be 13.0 mm and maximum revs 10,500 rpm.

In 2019 at an auction of the Dorotheum Gerhard Dank successfully bid on a LAVERDA 350 with Italian papers. Wheels have been repaired and painted, new tyres put on, brakes already rebuilt, a new cover fitted to the seat and rear shocks replaced. All that is left to do is clean and rebuild the carburettors and then she'll be ready to go on historic rego…

Gerhard Holic has a new toy in the shed and already put in his apologies: "My new baby unfortunately isn't orange but at least has an engine with three cylinders." What he unsuccessfully tried keep from us are the 2300cc and 170 hp. We reckon the Waldviertel will have the tarmac on fire this year…

Gert Schnögl und Peter Kowatsch have been working on Gert's 1958 LAVERDA 100 Sport from 1958 during the Winter. The little Italian has a wonderful patina which should be kept as much as possible. Unfortunately, the engine was already quite worn out. Very recently it ran for the first time in over 30 years and the sound is simply awesome!

Hannes Weingartshofer mounted rear-sets to his 1971 LAVERDA 750 SF. He also cleaned the carbs, reassembled them with new gaskets, needles and jets, adjusted and synchronised them. The side covers had the rubber dampers replaced so he won't lose them again. Oil change is done, all that's missing is a new battery ….

Hans Burger has done a big service on his LAVERDA 750 SF2. During the week leading up to Easter he industriously cleaned his carburettors with ultrasound and reassembled them with new sets of gaskets. And given the weather was so nice he was even able to work outdoors.

30 years ago, Hans Holzmeister bought a LAVERDA 1000 3CL that had been written off in an accident, to restore her once retired. Now the time has come and given he used to be a master car-mechanic the project is coming along quickly. He would like to re-build his triple in the style of an SFC. Right now, he is working on the engine and the plan is to have her running for our rally in Maria Schutz …

Harald Penker has already put his LAVERDA 1000 3CL to use. After a proper clean, a bit of polishing, a little TLC and a freshly charged battery she immediately sprang to life. His yellow 750 SF is still on the bike-hoist and already has a so-called "hoist-flat" on the rear tyre…

There's always something going on in Robert "Hirschi" Hirscheggers workshop. 1.) The crankshaft of his black and yellow LAVERDA 1200 racer had disintegrated at the Pannoniaring. Now the engine will be completely built up again. 2.) Maintenance and rebuild of a very early LAVERDA 1000 3C engine – check out the two stiffening webs on the engine housing. 3.) How to separate the cylinders of a LAVERDA 1000 3CL, that had spent 30 years under a tarpaulin, from the pistons that had rusted solid.

Karl Nusser has shouted his LAVERDA 750 SF new more comfortable handlebars. He also mounted a new switch block on the right hand side, new bearings for the rear wheel and an new taillight. The weather would be fine for a ride, but the numberplates are still at the rego-office…

Karl Zettl not only has been eagerly working on his LAVERDA 1200 but also done some carpentry. He totally rebuilt the engine of his 1200 and the chassis, with 46mm forks, box section swing arm and central mono-shock is already standing on wide 17-inch rims. Karl built the bright-yellow Valentino Rossi seat from scratch. It is a present for his son Christian.

After a break of two years Kurt Lichtenegger has revived his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 500 "Gerda". Following an extensive test ride, he mused, while sitting in the sun on his terrace: "Doesn't need much to be happy!" We can only agree…

Martin Chalupa has already ended the hibernation of his LAVERDA 750 Ghost Strike. Given she had spent a night at Giuliano Cogo's workshop in July 2019 there wasn't all that much to do for Martin. We are curious to see how she might perform this year, now that as of a few weeks ago she has an orange competitor in the garage. See last picture!

Max Kolar's most recent addition to the collection isn't a Laverda, but at least has three cylinders. We are happy to show her here because it is a very rare specimen. A genuine KAWASAKI KR750. Don't know who doesn't get goose bumps just from looking at her ...

In 2017 Peter Brugger came across a LAVERDA 1000 3C with front drum brake and couldn't resist. Given she was in such a poor way, the rebuild of this LAVERDA gem took much longer than Peter anticipated. But now she is close to being finished and she deserves a great applause….

Rudi Auer has found a LAVERDA 250 2TR in winter and had to buy her. Rudi: "My 2TR reliably starts and the engine runs beautifully. Optically there remains some work to be done. I am looking for an exhaust, a speedo-drive and side covers." Anyone got anything for sale?

In 2010 Sepp Kleewein bought a LAVERDA 750 Ghost Strike without engine. Over the years he has collected the missing parts and was able to buy and engine. With the help of his friend Walter he has now taken the 750 Ghost Strike to Willi Werndl who shall complete the electrics and get the engine to run.

Siegi Schott is working on the fire-damage to his LAVERDA 1200 SC, his 750 SF3 and his 500. Siegi: "The seats have new covers, the 1200 SC needs a paintjob of the fairing, tyres, chain and a service. My formerly orange 750 SF3 will be painted blue. The carburettors have been cleaned with ultrasound, but the tyres still need to be replaced. I was able to save the painted bits of the 500 but will put on new handlebars and fit the Formula exhaust-system again.

In 2017 Stefan Liebensteiner fell in love with a LAVERDA 350. In 2019 he completely disassembled her and rebuilt her in the style of a Cafe Racer. The Tomaselli bars and the Veglia instruments are a perfect match. As a highlight he procured a black anodised Montjuic exhaust system. Stefan: "She's been ready since the end of 2019, is an extremely agile ride, the engine pulls through beautifully and the sound perfectly complements the sporty appearance. "

Vladimir Blabla, our Czech LAVERDA Freund, is working on a very special project His LAVERDA 500 Formula will be equipped with 4 brake callipers at the front. He found the necessary special fork at the swap-meet in Imola.

Wolfgang Pussecker had a close look at the electrics of his LAVERDA 750 SF1. Wolfgang: "Central component of the electrics is now the M-Unit from Motogadget. Only the outer of Lucas switches is still original, I have changed them over to push-button function – works a treat. Of course, I will redo the whole wiring loom".