Oldtimer GP of Schwanenstadt/Upper Austria, 4.–5. 9. 2021

For a number of years the Oldtimer GP at the Hausruckring in Upper Austria has been run as a regularity event. The field this year comprised not only 300 riders but also a number or famous racers on priceless historic bikes. Troy Corser, Mika Kallio, Bruno Kneubühler, Rolf Biland, Gustl Auinger, Franz Kaserer, Robert Müller, Andy Preining, Erich Sanders, Hans Steinhögl, Karl Truchsess, Karl Zach and many more thrilled the crowd.

Four LAVERDA riders had entered: Bruno Aschauer - LAVERDA 500, Josef Gastinger -LAVERDA 500, Reinhold Weinert - LAVERDA 750 SFC Replica, Erich Weidenholzer and Phillip Mallinger - LAVERDA 750 sidecar.

Practice was on Saturday, the races on Sunday with two heats per class. Bruno und Josef were flying the LAVERDA-colours in the class up to 500 cc. Erich was finally able to take his sidecar for a proper run and will do a bit of tuning over the winter months. Reinhold had a small glitch with his electrics in the first race, but was able to sort it quickly. In the second race however, during a pass in a fast right-hander he crashed out resulting in a broken collarbone and numerous bruises. We are wishing Reinhold a speedy recovery.


Riding shots: Erich Müllegger