Opening of the MUSEO MOTO LAVERDA in Breganze/Italy - 23/24 July 2022

Werner Ricciolini and his team did a magnificent job. The opening of the MUSEO MOTO LAVERDA turned into a great international festival, with lots of notables from the world of LAVERDA, culinary regional delights and rock music concerts in the evening.

We were given the exclusive opportunity to have a sneak peek and visit the museum with Werner and his friends from San Francisco already on the Friday. In the evening at the meeting in the Pizzeria Da Icio & Paola only a few kilometres outside of Breganze 150 guests were counted!

Saturday morning saw the official opening of the MUSEO MOTO LAVERDA . Cor Dees' widow was visibly pleased that Cor's fantstic collection has found a new home in Breganze. The parking lot was well stocked with LAVERDAs from all over Europe - from 49 to 1200 cc. Piero and Giovanni Laverda, Augusto Brettoni, Nico Cereghini, Roberto Gallina, Edorado Dossena and Fernando Capellotto intermingled with the visitors. Despite temperatures of up to 41C, the museum proudly received 2000 visitors that day! The representatives of the various LAVERDA Clubs were called on stage and received a small present from Werner.

The space in front of the museum was a little calmer on Sunday, so there was plenty of time to talk bikes and have another closer look at the LAVERDAs und LAVERDA display materials in the museum. Piero LAVERDA gave his talk about the history of MOTO LAVERDA and fired up his 1000 V6. After a beer at the bar, Werner showed us his workshop in the basement of the museum. The evening calmly finished with drinks on Piazza Mazzini.

The museum can presently be visited by appointment with 24 hours notice: