Christiane Weissbach-Berger
RGS "Jezebel"

Christiane's 1000 RGS/SFC has started life as a normal RGS in Australia. The previous owner had already spent a little fortune on the bike: hardened valve-seats, titanium valve spring retainers, fully floating 320mm Brembo discs at the front, 230mm at the rear, billet machined calipers, braided brake lines, Staintune 3 into 1 exhaust system, M1R forks, SFC 1000 swingarm and other tasty bits. After blowing around 35,000 Australian Dollars on the project he got sick of it and put her up for sale.

Christiane had already been infected with the LAVERDA-Virus. Two short rides with her Australian boyfriend's RGA 1200 had been enough. After a short telephone conversation she wired the money and bought the bike without even having seen her. However, the first photos she got were not really mind-blowing, and the three different shades of red were everything but nice.

"Well, and then I have entrusted her to the magic hands of my boyfriend Steve. The result can be seen in the pictures. Invisible, but crucial for the fantastic behaviour of my LAVERDA are Mikuni carburettors and an electronic IIS-ignition. She was ready for Christmas 2002 and since then I've done around 27,000 kilometres. But that's a different story..."

(Photos: Oz Event Photo)