Dealers, Workshops, Spare parts

Wolfgang Huber - the LAVERDA specialist in Austria

Andy Wagner's LAVERDA-Paradies at the Bodensee

OCT - the Orange Cycle Team

Willi Werndl - the LAVERDA specialist/racer/museum-owner in Bavaria

Michael St÷cker ľ a real LAVERDA enthusiast

Olli Oltmanns is producing Haider-LAVERDA replica frames

The former Swiss LAVERDA Importer Moeri

Guliano Cogo has the spare parts stock for ZanÚ LAVERDAS

Breganze SF 750: Ein neues italienisches Motorrad mit LAVERDA-Motor

Bobas featherlight carbon fiber bodywork for our old LAVERDAs

Ralph Allen is a good source for LAVERDA parts

Slater Brothers, since 1970 in the LAVERDA business

Keith Nairn - the LAVERDA specialist in Scotland

Even in Spain you can find an LAVERDA expert

Wolfgang Haerter the German-Canadian LAVERDA specialist

Model Information, Technology, History

Marnix van der Schalk's international 750SFC registry

Jean Louis Olive's site with plenty of information on marque/models/history/technical issues

Piergiorgio Laverdas site about the history of the brand LAVERDA

Sigis special site for the small LAVERDAS

A site dedicated to the LAVERDA Formula 500 and Montjuic 500

Steve Battisson's Australian LAVERDA site


Markus Geists 650/668 website

This site is dedicated to the LAVERDA 750 Strike

Forums, Mailinglist

Forum of the international LAVERDA community

German LAVERDA forum

How to get on the international LAVERDA mailing list

Interesting Sites

Piero Laverda's Homepage

THE German magazin for the Italo-fan

Around the World

LAVERDA Community Germany

LAVERDA-Register Deutschland

LAVERDA Club Berlin

LAVERDA Stammtisch Heftrich

The Swiss Club site

Weblog of a Swiss LAVERDAfan

LAVERDA Club Italia

Moto Club LAVERDA Breganze

LAVERDA Club Pompone Italia

France: Amicale LAVERDA 750

Weblog of Bertrand and his Team Lavergnac/France

LAVERDA Club Netherlands

The LAVERDA museum of Cor Dees

LAVERDA Club Denmark

LAVERDA Club Sweden

A swedish LAVERDA 1200 30th owner

Finland's Scuderia LAVERDA

England: International LAVERDA Owners Club


The australian "ICR-Breganzane" raceteam of Steve and Christiane

There are also LAVERDA-fans In New Zealand



Heinrich Wegensteins homepage for motorcycletours in China, Tibet and India