Many of you will know Max Mahlmeister as he restores and rebuilds LAVERDA instruments, but only few of you might be aware of his passion for special LAVERDA frames.
He made good use of the time during Corona lockdown and restored one of those rare items to get it back on the road; a RAU LAVERDA 1000. In 1977 the German chassis-engineer Manfred Rau built exactly two frames for LAVERDA triples. Max' frame has the number 02, whilst number 01 unfortunately was lost. Max has gone for a classic look of the RAU LAVERDA, with bikini-fairing, aluminium-fuel tank, SFC hump-seat, Ceriani forks, Bilstein shocks and wire-wheels. The engine was equipped with 4/C cams and high-comp-pistons. She breathes in through three Dell'Orto carburettors with open bell-mouths and exhales into a very slightly muffled stainless-stell Sulzbacher-Replica exhaust system. A couple of days ago the RAU LAVERDA 1000 passed the roadworthy test with flying colours.
Congratulations to Max on this triple-gem and we can't wait to see what he is going to present us with next...