Gert Schnögl

LAVERDA 250 Chott
LAVERDA 100 Sport
LAVERDA 100 Sport

Already as a kid Gert was crazy about the terrific triples and the elegant twins of LAVERDA. During his visits to races, rallies of Italian bikes and vintage markets, LAVERDA motorcycles became his passion. After long extensive search together with Peter Kowatsch he bought a 1000 3CL in Sulzbacher makeover and rode her with enthusiasm. But this was not yet the culmination…

June 14, 1975:
The German magazine “MOTORRAD" features a ride report of the new LAVERDA 750 SFC Electronica. Gert rushes to his friend Peter, shows him the article about this new, gorgeous, orange racer from Breganze and states: "Now you can forget about every other bike, Ducati 750 SS, MV Agusta 750 S, Moto Guzzi V7 Sport – all over, this is the real thing, my bike has to look like this."

September 7, 2002:
After 27 years and many a thousand kilometres on Guzzis and the LAVERDA 1000 3CL Gert's dream comes true: A LAVERDA 750 SFC Electronica, model year 1976, one of the very last produced SFCs – in total 549 were built, the last 25 being equipped with alloy wheels – is purchased with a lot of help from his friends.

"Thank you very much to Maria and Peter for their moral support, to Marnix for his valuable tipps, to Hirschi for his affirmation and the transport and to Jürgen for the financial injection! There is no bike which, on the first ride out, has made my heart race with anxiousness and at the same time delivered such a lot of joy. In several steps of restoration I will bring my SFC back to original condition…"

November 5, 2005:
Another "dream-LAVERDA" is standing in Gert's workshop – a Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC (1172 cc, 112 hp). "Looks like I got myself a hell of a lot of work. But I will follow up with Gerhard Holic's project and rebuild this legendary bike exactly as shown in the article of "MOTORRAD" 11/1979. You can follow the rebuild in the workshop. Can't wait to hear my "Sulzbacher" roar!"