Wolfgang "Wuff"

"Wuff" did something many of us had been dreaming of. In May 1984, at the age of 18 and against the resistance of his parents, he bought a "heavy machine" and he remained faithful to her through all the years. The decisive factors for buying this second hand LAVERDA 3C, model year 1974, were her Italian origin and the reasonable price. Except for fairing, single seat and open bellmouths she was in original condition with 45,000 km on the clock.

“After fighting for weeks with my parents I used my LAVERDA as daily transport, riding with her everywhere, in Summer as well as in Winter. Initially without being legally forced to wear a helmet, only riding with the lights on was already mandatory: with the original electrics, which meant I had to usually push start her! In 1989 I had 80,000 km on the clock and as I had not changed a single piece of the engine she was in a pretty poor state and got a quiet place in the corner of the garage. In order to be able to pay for the rebuild I quit smoking in 1993. A friend of mind did the engine service in his workshop. I put the rest of the bike into my in a shared flat and rebuilt my LAVERDA between bed and kitchen desk.”

Ever since "Wuff's" 1000 3C has regained her original glory, except for the yellow paintjob and small improvements like wider handlebars and improved electrics. She's no longer a daily hack, but for weekend tours and holidays she's still the first choice.

"Right now I'm trying to fix an old problem with my LAVERDA: The casting of the cylinder head has always been leaking oil. I had that welded now. Of course, as usual, I have bodged up quite a lot, but I'm pretty confident to be able to rejoin soon!"