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Int. LAVERDA Cup 2018 im Rahmen der DHM

Heuer ist es dem rührigen Berthold Versteegen endlich gelungen im Rahmen der Deutschen Historischen Motorradmeisterschaft einen LAVERDA-Cup zu organisieren. Pro Veranstaltung sind ein Training- und zwei Wertungsläufe geplant. Es wird in drei Hubraumklassen gewertet: 500 bis 650 ccm, 750 ccm und 1000 bis 1200 ccm.

Vier Termine wird es 2018 geben:
1.) Schleizer Dreieck 6 bis 8. Juli
2.) Schotten Ring 18. bis 19. August
3.) Hockenheim 7. bis 9. September
4.) Oschersleben 1. bis 2. Oktober

Alle Informationen und Anmeldeunterlagen findet ihr unter:


LAVERDA Bestand in Österreich 2017

Die aktuellen Zulassungszahlen von 2017 - 200 LAVERDAs in Österreich - haben uns neugierig gemacht. Wir haben bei 139 uns bekannten LAVERDA FREUNDEN nachgefragt: "Wieviele LAVERDAs besitzt du und wieviele davon sind zugelassen." 108 LAVERDA FREUNDE haben geantwortet.

Die Ergebnisse seht ihr in der Tabelle.

Wir konnten 110 zugelassene und 90 nicht zugelassene LAVERDAs lokalisieren. Daher schätzen wir den tatsächlichen Bestand in Österreich auf ca. 400 LAVERDAs.

Die LAVERDA Kaiserkrone geht an einen Kärntner: Stolze 16 LAVERDAs besitzt er. Den 2. Platz teilen sich ein Niederösterreicher und zwei Oberösterreicher mit je 9 LAVERDAs.

Während wir im Burgenland, in Kärnten und Salzburg fast alle LAVERDA-Besitzer kennen, kennen wir in der Steiermark nur 4 von 12 und auch in Niederösterreich, Oberösterreich und sogar in Wien gibt es offensichtlich mehr LAVERDA-Besitzer als uns bekannt sind. In Tirol sind es nur 5 von insgesamt 19 LAVERDA Besitzern, in Vorarlberg immerhin 7 von 16.

Liebe LAVERDA Besitzer und Fahrer in Österreich meldet euch doch bei uns!


LAVERDA Zulassungszahlen in Österreich
Wir haben die aktuellen Zahlen der in Österreich zugelassenen LAVERDAs nachgefragt:
Insgesamt sind es mit 31. 12. 2017 genau 200 Stück.

Nach Bundesländern aufgeschlüsselt:

Burgenland: 9
Kärnten: 10
Niederösterreich: 49
Oberösterreich: 51
Salzburg: 9
Steiermark: 12
Tirol: 19
Vorarlberg: 16
Wien: 25

Der Bestand an zugelassenen LAVERDAs ist in den letzten 10 Jahren in Österreich um ca. 10% gestiegen. Da sicher viele nicht zugelassene LAVERDAs in Museen, Garagen, Werkstätten und Kellern ihr Dasein fristen müssen, kann man von einem Gesamtbestand von ca. 350 LAVERDAs in Österreich ausgehen.


SENSATIONAL: Hauer LAVERDA 1200 No. 2 surfaced in Austria

Many of you probably know about the Hauer tubular frames from Vienna. Until recently we only knew of one Hauer LAVERDA 1200
Recently however the owner of a second LAVERDA 1200 with Hauer-frame contacted us. He has owned the bike for 35 years but only rarely ridden it. We will pay him a visit and let you know about this LAVERDA-rarity ...


40 Years LAVERDA 1000 V6 at the Circuit Paul Ricard

This year the LAVERDA-season has an early start at the end of March with a major event: On 24./25. March we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the LAVERDA 1000 V6 endurance race on the Circuit Paul Ricard at Le Castellet/France. In 1978 Nico Cereghini and Carlo Perugini rode the V6 at the Bol d'Or. At the incredible speed of 284 km/h the LAVERDA 1000 V6 was by far the fastest motorcycle on the Mistral-straight. This first (and only) endurance race however unfortunately came to an early end due to a broken shaft drive.

Piero und Giovanni Laverda will take the LAVERDA 1000 V6 to Le Castellet. Nico Cereghini and Carlo Perugini will also make an appearance. An international LAVERDA rally will be organised within the event "Sunday Ride Classic" and there will be the option to ride one's LAVERDA on the track.

Information and bookings:


Season Opening 2018!!!
Our East-Tyrolean racers were over the wait. Despite slight snowfalls they opened this year's race-season. Bernhard, as usual, was perfectly prepared, Gattl however was slightly confused due to the early start and thus forgot to put on his leathers...


SENSATION: 12-cylinder LAVERDA being built in Austria!
We have spotted a sensational LAVERDA project early this year in a cold garage in Gloggnitz/Lower Austria. Robert H. has high-flying ambitions: 12 cylinders, almost 4.500 cc, some 400 hp at the rear wheel. These massive data of course require a massively constructed hydraulic chassis.
In its first engine-iteration Robert H. was still experimenting with three Mikuni-carburettors (see pictures), but was soon to realise, that this set-up wouldn't result in the optimal power-output. Now he's looking at 12 carburettors with open bell-mouths. We are eagerly awaiting the first soundcheck!
Many thanks to the sponsors of this unique project: Sepp K. from Himmelberg/Carynthia, Peter B. from Innsbruck/Tyrol und Ulli from Sylt/Germany – without your generous donation of engines the 12-cylinder-LAVERDA would have never been realised!


LAVERDA Rally in Breganze 2018 und 2019

Surprisingly early the Moto Club LAVERDA Breganze has published two dates:
7. – 8. July 2018 - 7th International LAVERDA Rally in Breganze/Italy
6. – 7. July 2019 - 8th International LAVERDA Rally
                "70th anniversary of Moto LAVERDA" in Breganze/Italy

The event in 2019 is an absolute MUST for all Austrian LAVERDA riders!


LAVERDA-Calendar 2018
Erich Müllegger, passionate photographer and LAVERDA-rider, has once again made his two LAVERDA-Calendars available for download. You can use them to adorn your workshop, embellish your office or gift them to your friends. The printed version is available from Wolfgang Huber. Thank you very much Erich for these beautiful calendars!
LAVERDA-Monatskalender 2018
LAVERDA-Jahreskalender 2018


LAVERDA 1000 3CL resurrected

Gerd Ramacher from Baden bei Wien/Lower Austria, has kept his promise and revived his LAVERDA 1000 3CL this year. Here's what he said after the first test-ride:
"That's a proper motorbike!!! Extra harsh suspension, reeks of oil and fuel and is murderously loud!!! I had completely forgotten what it feels like to ride a LAVERDA!"
Of course we hope to catch up with Gerd and his LAVERDA triple frequently next year.


The perfect Christmas present for LAVERDA-riders and those who still aim to become part of the crowd
The busy members of the LAVERDA CONNECTION OBERPFALZ have made a movie about their passion for riding a LAVERDA. With a substantial film-crew, six LAVERDAs, six LAVERDA-riders, a Blues-Guitarrist, lots of beer and even more time they shot two films. In order to be as authentic as possible, every scene was only recorded once. In line with the hight quality of LAVERDA, the DVD, packaging and booklet have been intricately styled. The edition is limited to 549, each of which numbered by hand.
LCO: "This film is dedicated to all those who passionately and enthusiastically still ride their LAVERDAs "species-appropriately".
Trailer, prices and order:


Grab the Flag - Rennen für klassische Motorräder in Rijeka/Kroatien - lies den Bericht und genieß die tollen Fotos!


Der Bericht über das 12. Treffen der LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH in Maria Schutz am Semmering ist online.


The Zettls storm the Grossglockner
Karl und Christian Zettl took their Laverdas for a tour along the famous 'Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße'.
Karl: "We left Friday morning and our tour took us as planned via the Styrian 'Ennstal' to 'Fusch an der Großglockner-Hochalpenstraße'.
We had lunch at the 'Restaurant am Fuschertörl' and took a few photos. Up until then it had been a glorious summer's day, but then dark clouds appeared. Luckily it stayed dry. Our next stop was the 'Franz-Josefs-Höhe' with a view of the unhfortunately constantly shrinking glacier.
Of course we had to drop in at the Oldtimermuseum at the 'Franz-Josefs-Höhe'. Thereafter our route took us in light rain via 'Heiligenblut' and 'Winklern' to 'Spittal an der Drau' where we spent the night in an inn.
Saturday morning, after breakfast we rode towards 'Radenthein', then over the ' Turracher Höhe' to 'Murau' and then returned to Upper-Styria via the 'Sölkpass'.
It was a great tour, unfortunately without other LAVERDA-Friends, but maybe it happens next time. Our LAVERDAs ran well and wherever we pulled up people walked up to us, talked to us and took pictures of our LAVERDAs."


Little LAVERDA-Rally at the Kalte Kuchl/Lower Austria
On Thursday, 6 July 2017, Franz Schneider, Andreas Braito and Gert Schnögl went for ride on their triples to the Kalte Kuchl/Lower Austria, and there, at the inn they met... a fourth LAVERDA rider!

In spring Peter Trinkl had bought a LAVERDA 1000 Jota 120° but so far had only been in contact with the LAVERDA Friends via e-mail and telephone.
His Jota meanwhile had a big service, got modified according to Peter's wishes, passed road-worthy testing and got registered!


Rupert Hollaus Gedächtnisrennen
Der Bericht und die Fotos vom 14. Int. Rupert Hollaus Gedächtnisrennen sind online.


LAVERDA Greeting from Styria

While we were at the Red Bull Ring, Robert Roschmann got in touch with us after rummaging through his collection of photograps.

Robert: "As promised, here are some pictures of my LAVERDA 1000 3CL. I had bought the bike in 1977 at Motorrad Hütter in Graz and had it modified and re-sprayed there as well. I didn't like the original green colourscheme. Moreover the bike was meant to match my Marco Lucchinelli leathers. At the time I was living quite close to the Old Österreichring, so in the late 70s me and my bike-mates were constantly doing track-days there. We founded the MRC Knittelfeld, and I became president. Our club had several LAVERDA riders, from the small waspish 500, over the 750 twin to the 1200 triple, all models were present. I also wanted to upgrade to a 1200 and was given the opportunity to test-ride a 1200 SC on the track (see the black-and-white picture showing me in what was at the time known as Bosch-Corner, now Rauch-Corner). Marriage and family put and end to my short intensive motorcycle career."

Many thanks to Robert for his fantastic pictures! At the same time we would like to encourage all Austrian LAVERDA-Fans to dig into their photo collections. We are already looking forward to the next story!


Bernhard Zojer and his LAVERDA 1200 racer
Bernhard Zojer has been a busy man on his LAVERDA 1200 racer. At Easter he was at Franciacorta, mid May at the Schleizer Dreieck and Pentecost he was seen in Bremerhaven.


Hill-climb Landshaag
Once again Harald Portschy has flogged his LAVERDA 1200 up the hill from Landshaag to St. Martin.


Our favourite thing to see: Young people on old LAVERDAs
Johannes Krammer caught the bug from his uncle Karl Zettl: While Karl and his son Christian were restoring an old LAVERDA 750 SFC Replica, Johannes used to frequently drop in. He finally decided that one of those Italian beauties should adorn his shed. When Harald Penker put his LAVERDA 500 Cafe Racer up for sale Johannes didn't hesitate: "Karl and I immediately went to Schlaining to have a look at the 500 and I bought her straight away. The following weekend she was already sitting in my garage. I generally appreciate LAVERDAs because of their timeless shape and classic design. With my 500 I particularly like the cool black paintjob and the sound of the exhaust system.

We wish Johannes a lot of fun with his LAVERDA 500 Cafe Racer and hope to see him at our annual LAVERDA-Rally!


LAVERDA MUSEUM closing down
The unique LAVERDA Museum in Lisse/Netherlands will open its doors for the very last time on 25 May from 10 am to 5 pm. Due to health reasons Cor Dees is no longer able to keep the museum open. He is now trying to sell his whole collection and would love to see it go to Breganze/Italy oder or any other European country with a strong LAVERDA-Community. A total of 81 LAVERDA motorcycles and countless LAVERDA collector's items are for sale.
Only the LAVERDA 1000 V6 will, for the time being, remain in Cor's posession.

Informations about the sale:


"Grab the Flag" 2017 am Pannoniaring
Schau dir den Bericht über die Saisoneröffnung der "Grab the Flag"-Rennserie am Pannoniaring an.


″Bottomless″ LAVERDA 1230 CR Act III
Peter Corbic has provided us with some new pictures of his LAVERDA 1230 CR. The engine has been equipped with 84 mm pistons, dry weight without battery is 163 kg. Electrics and paint job are still on the to-do list, but then it will be time to start the engine. There are already heated discussions about Peter's unconventional idea on the international LAVERDA Forum. We are keen to hear about the first test-ride.


Erich Müllegger visited the vehicle collection at the "Dauphin Speed Event" in Hersbruck/Germany. The Dauphins, a family of entrepreneurs, have converted a former factory hall from the 60s into a showroom for their private collection of historic vehicles. Amongst the 240 motorcycles on display Erich spotted two LAVERDAs: An exquisite 1974 LAVERDA 750 SFC, and a LAVERDA 1000 Jota, 120°, the latter not totally original but with a very rare paint job.


Scorch LAVERDA1200 by Redax Laverda
Australian LAVERDA-Guru Red Cawte has built up two very special race-triples. The frames were manufactured by Hermann Serfontein/Scorch Cycles in Cape Town/Southafrica. The engines of course (1160/1145 ccm) emerged from wizard's couldron of Red, who states a weight of the racers of 177 kg - without fuel. In their first dyno runs the bikes delivered unbelievable values measured at the rear wheel. 132 hp for the black bike and 126 hp for the orange bike. Red reckons however that the tuning isn't perfected yet!
The first test on the track was carried out at the Queensland Raceway in the presence of Piero Laverda and some of his friends. Piero and his 1000 V6 are amongst the special guests of the 2017 "International Festival of Speed" at the Sydney Motorsport Park - Eastern Creek which is held under the heading of "A Celebration of Italian GP Motorcycle Racing".


Retro Classics Stuttgart
Wolfgang Märzinger war auf der Retro Classics in Stuttgart und hat uns einige Bilder mitgebacht.


Last week Walter M. from Vienna surprised us not only with a little present but also with plenty of praise. Walter wrote:

"Hello Gert, I am a fan of all kinds of historic vehicles. I only briefly owned a LAVERDA 1000 3CL which unfortunately was not a runner (see my guestbook entry of 23. 4. 2006). I think you are doing a great job with respect to these motorbikes and are making a great contribution to conserving them.
Attached three pictures of my 1976 LAVERDA 1000 3CL. Regrettably I sold her in December 1993. The guy who bought her at the time still owns her but she is still in parts and not yet restored to her former beauty."


Bike Expo Verona
Gerd Ramacher und sein Freund Peter besuchen die Bike Expo in Verona/Italien und berichten darüber.


LAVERDA 1200 at the Timmelsjoch/Tyrol
According to Hans Burger, the "Crosspoint", Europe's highest Motorcycle Museum, which exhibits 230 motorbikes in an impressive building, also features an orange LAVERDA 1200. For more information visit

″Bottomless″ LAVERDA 1200 take two
The Salzburg LAVERDA 1200 CR project is making good progress. Just before its creator took off an several weeks of holidays he provided us with some new photos. The engine is already in, carburettors and exhaust have been fitted. After the well-deserved break he will tackle electrics and the paintjob.

LAVERDA 1200 Jota - Greetings from Zagreb/Croatia
Davor Tucman runs a motorcycle workshop in Zagreb and has rebuilt a LAVERDA 1200 Jota in the fashion of the classic endurance racers. The only missing parts are the footpegs. The base for this project was a Jota 1000. Additionally he's started work on a second LAVERDA 1200.


Our calendar of events 2017 is online!


″Bottomless″ LAVERDA 1200
Through the grapevine we heard about the sensational trend of LAVERDA triples with open frames, and of course we had to check. After meticulous research we spotted respective projects in a dark backyard garage workshop in Carinthia and a friendly lounge room in Salzburg.
We secretly managed to get some photos and will try to keep you posted... …


LAVERDA Scrambler wins
In the course of the 2016 EICMA readers of the Italian journal "Motociclismo" were asked to present their current motorcycle projects: Orfeo Cecarelli, member of the Italian LAVERDA-Club, won the competition with his Scrambler based on a LAVERDA 750 SF. Whoever might be bored this winter can find some food for thought here:


LAVERDA-Kalender 2017
Erich Müllegger, leidenschaftlicher Fotograf und LAVERDA-Fahrer, hat uns seine beiden LAVERDA-Kalender als Download-Dateien zur Verfügung gestellt! Damit könnt ihr eure Werkstatt schmücken, euren Arbeitsplatz verschönern oder eure Freunde beschenken. Wir sagen herzlichen Dank für diese hervorragende Arbeit!
LAVERDA-Monatskalender 2017
LAVERDA-Jahreskalender 2017


Mostra Scambio Novegro
Karl und Christian Zettl besuchen den Mostra Scambio Novegro in Mailand/Italien und berichten darüber.


Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC times two

Inspired by our most recent LAVERDA-Rally, Walter Schrempf has revived his original 1977 Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC, in next to no time. Walter has owned this gorgeous bike since 1982. After 20 years of hibernation she is roaring again. Congratulations to Walter on this successful reanimation and we are looking forward to seeing him at a rally on his 1200SC!

Uli Petersen has once again sent word from Sylt and provided us with pictures of the restoration job on his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC. Given summer is a very busy time for Uli, he didn't get as far as he wanted, but she starts to resemble a proper motorbike again. The plan is to have her ready for the summer of 2017. We are waiting with bated breath...


New cool motorcycle magazine on-line
The new Austrian magazine "" has gone online. The article "HORSTS LAVERDA" features celebrity host, motorcycle-racer and LAVERDA-enthusiast Horst Scheuer. Check it out:


Resurrected LAVERDA 500
Karl und Christian Zettl have once again done a fantastic job. The have just fired up the engine of the recently rebuilt LAVERDA 500. Dressed in grey-black with artfully placed orange highlights she has turned into a real beauty. What a shame we couldn't hear the sound of the Formula megaphones from the distance.....


Kurt wins on LAVERDA 500
Kurt Lichtenegger not only won this year's International Classic Series of Track Attack on his LAVERDA 500 but managed to cause some serious inquietude amongst the Superbike community due to his spectacular riding style. A Viennese 1200 Monster rider said, and I quote: "There was this guy on his LAVERDA and he just flew past me in one of the corners of the 'Lahnsattel'. He must have been on a 1200! I just couldn't catch him again...." Kurt's riding has already lead to some rumours about a ride in MotoGP...


Grab the Flag - Rennen für klassische Motorräder in Rijeka/Kroatien - lies den Bericht und genieß die tollen Fotos!


A LAVERDA 1000 3C on a film poster
Within a few days the movie "Brüder der Nacht" (Brothers of the Night) of director Patrick Chiha will hit the Austrian cinemas. The poster shows an orange LAVERDA 1000 3C.

It is probably the very first time in the history of movies, that a LAVERDA is featured in a poster, although the bike doesn't play a major role in the film.
The owner of the bike, Claus Reinsprecht, had provided the LAVERDA 1000 3C for a photo-shooting. Claus is running a very committed workshop in the 8th Precinct in Vienna:
Picture and poster:


Robert Schlachter returns to Pikes Peak/USA
Robert Schlachter went to visit the 100th Pikes Peak hillclimb. Robert had seriously crashed in 2007 which is why the organisers gave him a crew pass this year. During breakfast he was approached by Carlin Dunne, the fastest man on the Pikes Peak, who had noticed his LAVERDA t-shirt.

Carlins Dad rides a LAVERDA in California.
Picture1 shows Robert with Mickey Dumont and Carlin Dunne.
Picture 2 shows him surrounded by American friends.


Ein Bericht über unser Treffen
Das österreichische Print- und Online-Magazin für Technik-Geschichte Austro Classic berichtet über das 11. Treffen der LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH.


Der Bericht über das 11. Treffen der LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH in Maria Schutz am Semmering ist online.


Der Bericht und die Fotos vom 13. Int. Rupert Hollaus Gedächtnisrennen sind online.

Wir begrüßen einen neuen LAVERDA-Freund in unserer Runde:
Peter Corbic ist schon seit seiner frühen Jugend mit dem LAVERDA-Virus infiziert.


Hill Climb Julbach 2016
Harald Portschy entered his LAVERDA 1200 in the National Motorcycle Hill Climb Championship race in Julbach.


LAVERDA Endurance Victory in Spa
Fantastic news from the "Bikers Classics 2016" in Spa-Francorchamps/Belgium:
The Dutch Gijs van Dijk LAVERDA-Team won the 4hour race in the class up to 1000cc!
After all the misfortune in the past years this victory is well deserved!
Our heartfelt congratulations!


Zwei LAVERDA-Fahrer auf Sylt
Hannes Hämmerle hat diesmal den Auftrag vom Präsidenten ernst genommen: Während seines Urlaubs auf Sylt hat er Ulli Petersen besucht und sich vom Fortschritt der Restaurierungsarbeiten an Ullis originaler Sulzbacher 1200SC überzeugt.
Wir wünschen Hannes noch schöne Tage auf Sylt!


IGFC - Adria Race
Und weiter geht die Jagd um Sekunden: der aktuelle Bericht über das
3. Int. IGFC - Adria Race kommt aus Rijeka/Kroatien.


LAVERDA hat Saison
Ein Ereignis jagt das Nächste: wir berichten vom ersten "Grab the Flag"-Rennen am Pannoniaring, vom Internationalen Bergpreis von Nußdorf am Attersee, vom Fischereihafenrennen in Bremerhaven und vom Treffen der LAVERDA Connection Oberpfalz.


Sonntagberg 2016
Die Rennsaison ist in vollem Gange, schaut euch den Bericht über die 12. Int. Sonntagberg Classic-Trophy an.


Seiberer Bergpreis 2016
Alfred Wais war mit seiner LAVERDA 750 SF1 beim Seiberer Bergpreis 2016.


LAVERDA 750 Formula
Daniel Neuhauser has re-surfaced and intends to bring his LAVERDA 750 Formula back on the road.
Many thanks to Donat Rauberger for his excellent job in being a motivator!


Landshaag hill climb
Harald Portschy has competed in the traditional Landshaag hill climb giving his LAVERDA 1200 a proper workout.
Erich Müllegger has supplied us with the respective photos.


Upper-Austrian Backyard Idyll
Günter Schörghuber is determined to awaken a sleeping beauty with a kiss: In 1979 he bought his LAVERDA 500 from Werner Sulzbacher, in 1988 he allowed registration to lapse and this Summer he wants the bike to run again. Wolfgang Huber was commissioned to overhaul the engine - we hope it is not going to turn into a never ending project ...


LAVERDA Racing Season 2016 Started!
Bernhard Zoier started this year's racing season very early: On 19 March he entered the "1st International Superbike Challenge" at the Pannoniaring/Hungary and at the Easter Weekend he was at Franciacorta/Italy. Whilst the heating in the caravan and the tyre-warmers were seriously necessary at the Pannoniaring, Franciacorta spoilt the riders with glorious Springtime weather. Comparet to last year Bernhard was able to considerable improve his lap-times at the Pannoniaring as well as in the tightly packed grid of Franciacorta - congratulations from our side! Looking at the results of Groups 5 and 8 we were delighted to notice that Bernhad's mate Hansjörg "Gattl" Gatterer finally came to his senses and decided to ride a LAVERDA:


Andi Varga - Ride in Peace!

Our friend Andi Varga passed away on the 16 March 2016 at the age of 76 after losing his short battle with a serious illness.
Andi was a thoroughbred LAVERDA-fan. The moment a new LAVERDA appeared on the market he had to buy and ride it. The way he commented on the performance of his newest acquisition in spring - in very broad dialect - became almost legendary: "You've got no idea how that one goes!" There wasn't a carburettor or exhaust that remained untouched the way he constantly was moidifying and optimising.
Our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. Ride in Peace, Andi!


LAVERDA-Greetings from Florida/USA
Phil Gonzales sends greetings from Florida/USA. In 2012 he started to build up a Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC - Replica from what appeared to be mostly a pile of scrap-metal. Scott Potter took care of the engine and completely rebuilt it. Gert Schnoegl provided Phil with the necessary information and sent the special Sulzbacher-parts to Florida. In its original metallic-red paintjob this 1200SC - Replica looks stunning!!! We congratulate Phil on this successful job and will keep you posted as soon as the Sulzbacher 1200SC - Replica is ready to roll!


LAVERDA-Greetings from Vorarlberg
Harald "Harry" Ramsauer sends greetings and coole pictures from Bregenz telling us that he has meanwhile successfully turned his Heliane into a LAVERDA-fan. We're absoultely gobsmacked…


LAVERDA-Greetings from Osttirol
Bernhard Zojer sends greetings form Dölsach/Lienz. He is all set up for the upcoming Classic racing season: His new bike trailer most certainly looks like a winner (Design by Gert Schnoegl)!


Vale Walter Völsner

Walter Völsner, our LAVERDA-Friend from Leoben, unexpectedly passed away on 1 January 2016, at the age of 59.
Walter was a passionate motorbike rider and a LAVERDA-Fan right from the beginning and a . With his "Gigi" pillioning, he covered hundreds of thousands of kilometres in Austria and the neighbouring countries.
His dedication racing the Salzburgring and the Pannoniaring were legendary. With his rider Ulf Lassacher he entered his red HAAS-CNC LAVERDA 1200 in Classic Racing, and during hill-climbs at the Tauplitz and the Goldberg, Walter piloted his LAVERDA himself.

Ride in Peace, Walter! We'll meet again in LAVERDA-Heaven!


Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC in Norddeutschland aufgetaucht!!!
Aus dem äußersten Norden Deutschlands erreicht uns eine sensationelle Nachricht: Ulli Petersen hat eine zerlegte und stark verwitterte Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC gekauft. Diese vom österreichischen LAVERDA-Importeur Werner Sulzbacher getunte Dreizylinder wurde im März 1979 erstmals zugelassen - ob in Österreich oder Deutschland ist leider nicht bekannt. Alle Fotos und Papiere, die uns Ulli geschickt hat, sprechen dafür, daß es eine echte 1200SC ist. Somit ist es die Nummer 15 in unserem Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC Register.
Wir gratulieren Ulli herzlich zu diesem Kauf und werden ihn mit Rat und Tat bei der bereits begonnenen Restaurierung unterstützen!


LAVERDA 1200 mit Brühl-Zentralrohrrahmen
Burkhardt Brühl baut seit einigen Jahren einen Zentralrohrrahmen für den LAVERDA 750 SF Motor. Jetzt hat er sich mit dem LAVERDA Dreizylinder-Motor 180° beschäftigt. Ende November wurde die erste 1200er Dreizylinder mit Brühl-Zentralrohrrahmen fertig. Schaut euch die Fotos an! Sehr beeindruckend was Burkhardt da auf die Räder gestellt hat! Ein Fahrwerk für den 120° Motor soll folgen …


LAVERDA 750 SF2 mit Zentralrohrrahmen
Joachim Lehman hat uns Fotos von seiner wunderschönen LAVERDA 750 SF2 mit Zentralrohrahmen und Cantileverschwinge geschickt. Schaut euch die Fotos dieser schlanken Schönheit an!
Joachim besitzt diese LAVERDA seit Mai 2015. Der Umbau soll aber bereits in den 80er Jahren erfolgt sein. Wer weiß mehr über diesen Umbau? Wer hat den Rahmen gebaut? Meldet euch bei Gert Schnögl:


LAVERDA Besuch aus Australien
Anfang Dezember bekamen wir Besuch von Brett und Diana aus Port Maquarie/Australien. Brett fährt eine LAVERDA 750 GT. Nach einem kurzen Besuch in meiner Werkstatt, bei dem sich Brett besonders für meine LAVERDA 250 Chott begeisterte, verbrachten wir einen netten Abend in einem Wiener Beisl bei Bier und Wiener Schnitzel. Der Kontakt kam über das INTERNATIONALE LAVERDA FORUM zustande: (Gert Schnögl)


LAVERDA-Calendar 2015
Once again Erich Müllegger has provided us with his LAVERDA-Calendars 2016 for download as PDFs! Dear Erich, a heartfelt "thank you" for the outstanding pictures!
LAVERDA-CalendarMonth 2016
LAVERDA-CalendarYear 2016


Wir präsentieren einen neuen LAVERDA-Freund auf unserer Seite:
Wolfgang Pussecker mit der Leidenschaft für Motorräder im Blut.


Grab the Flag - Race for historic motorcycles in Rijeka/Croatia - read the report and see the pics!



Hans Jorda sends his regards from his trip to Italy. He visited the "Museo Morbidelli" in Pesaro, where amongst all the exhibited gems he spotted two very special LAVERDAs: One of the very first LAVERDAs - a 75 Sport of 1950 and the World's only LAVERDA 100 Sport with double overhead cam - simply genial! Grazie Hans e buon viaggio!


The report about our
in Maria Schutz am Semmering is online.



A few days ago, Karl and Christian Zettl have finished building their LAVERDA 750 SFC Replica. The orange beauty is even already registered.

We heartily congratulate and are looking forward to welcoming them at the 10th LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH RALLY in Maria Schutz am Semmering.


LAVERDAs at the Red-Bull-Ring
12th International Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race at the Red-Bull-Ring - once again with LAVERDAs at the grid!

"The Bikers Classics"
Sepp Kleewein visited "The Bikers Classics" in Spa-Franchorchamps - check out the pictures!


Drei auf einen Streich
Karl und Christian Zettl wollten immer schon eine LAVERDA haben. Jetzt sind es gleich drei auf einmal geworden - eine 500er, eine 750 SF und eine 1200er. Als erste wird die 750 SF restauriert und zur SFC-Replica umgebaut. Vor kurzem wurde sie erstmals gestartet: zum Video


Hannes Micheler reports from the LAVERDA Rally in Kobarid/Slovenia.


Once again, Bernhard Zojer took part in the legendary Fishtown-Race in Bremerhaven.


LAVERDA 500 - ASI Moto Show 2015
This year's ASI-Moto Show at the Circuito Varano de Melegari/Italien hosted a big rally for the "small" LAVERDAs 350/500/500 Formula/500 Endurance/600TT2. Here are two videos of the event:

LAVERDA 500 Formula
During a trip to Italy Hannes Hämmerle discovered a true beauty:
"The Outlet" in Novarone sul Piave had an original 500 Formula on display.

LAVERDA 500 "Monty"
XTR Pepo ( has presented a very special modification at "The Bike Shed 2015" in London: His "Monty" which is based on a LAVERDA 500, MJ1978, follows the design of the endurance racers of the 70s and is a spectacular creation made from old and new components:


Grab the Flag - Races at the Pannoniaring/Hungary - read the report and enjoy the pics!


Spring 2015: We take a peek into the workshops of our LAVERDA-Friends.


Classics & Legends
Alberto Soto hat bei "Classics & Legends" am Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia/Spanien fotografiert und dabei auch das Laverda Corse Team vor die Linse bekommen.


Our calendar of events 2015 is online!


LAVERDA SF 750 Scout
The Kruz Company in Brussels/Belgium has turned a LAVERDA 750 SF2 into a Scrambler. You can view the result here:!laverda-sf-750/c1fpl


Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim
Gerhard Schütt paid a visit to the Auto & Technik Museum in Sinsheim/Germany
( where he discovered some LAVERDAs with serious patina.
Check out the photos!


Orange is always beautiful!
Gottfried Benedikt, to many of you also known as "LAVERDA-Fritz", has for quite some time been intensively busied himself with the colour orange. He grows giant pumpkins and has been awarded first prize for one of his splendid specimens at the 2014 Tulln Garden Show. Not only was the winning pumpkin orange, just like a LAVERDA, it also matched the weight of a LAVERDA at a whopping 197.2 kg.

Fritz, congratulations to this great success!


LAVERDA-gem discovered in Padua
During a trip to Italy, Hannes Hämmerle visited the historic vehicle "Auto e Moto d'Epoca" in Padua. And there he spotted a LAVERDA-gem:

Only 200 of this gorgeous front-drum-brake LAVERDA 1000 3C were built in 1972/1973 - nowadays a sought-after rarity. The last picture shows the proud owner.


LAVERDA-Calendar 2015
Once again Erich Müllegger has provided us with his 2015 LAVERDA-Calendar for download as PDF!
Dear Erich, a heartfelt "thank you" for the outstanding pictures!


Sensational: LAVERDA-Prototype sighting in Vienna Woods
Recently, on a Tuesday afternoon in the Vienna Woods: Whilst the rider of this LAVERDA was desperately searching the roadside ditch for his broken gearshift lever we managed to take this sensational photo. Still camouflaged as unadulterated 1000 3C this LAVERDA is said to be fitted with a smashing Hirschegger-motor. The tarmac will be burning next spring in the Vienna Woods...


Grab the Flag - Rennen in Rijeka/Kroatien - lies den Bericht und genieß die Fotos!.


"Italian Weeks" in Bregenz/Vorarlberg
Robert Schlachter provided the fashion boutique Sagmeister in Bregenz with his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC, which adorned their premises during the "Italian Weeks". Management was surprised by the numerous reactions of passersby: many just visited the shop to take a closer look at the orange LAVERDA!

14th Ratschin-Brothers Mountain Climb in Schwechatbach/Lower Austria
Irrespective of the somewhat adverse conditions - rain and a slippery track - Andreas Hofinger-Horvath took 2nd place in the class up to 1975 on his LAVERDA 750 GT. Alfred Wais, this time unfortunately not on his LAVERDA, even managed to win the racebike-class. We heartily congratulate both LAVERDA-Friends!


Der Bericht und die Fotos vom Oldtimer-GP in Schwanenstadt sind online.


Erich Müllegger besuchte Classic TT und Manx GP auf der Isle of Man/UK.


Der Bericht über das 9. Treffen der LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH in Maria Schutz am Semmering ist online.


Read the report and see the pics from the 11th International Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race at the RedBull-Circuit.


Bernhard Zojer debuted in the legendary Fishtown-Race in Bremerhaven.
Sepp Kleewein joined the rally of the LAVERDA Connection Oberpfalz.


The racing season has taken off, check out the following reports:

17th International Hill-Climb Nußdorf/Attersee 2014
1st International IGFC Adria Race - Automotodrom Grobnik-Rijeka/Croatia 2014
Wolfgangsee-Classic Strobl-Postalm-Hill-Climb 2014
13th International Vintage Hill-Climb Göstling – Hochkar 2014


Wir präsentieren einen neuen, jungen LAVERDA-Freund auf unserer Seite:
Stefan Liebensteiner mit seiner dunkelgrünen LAVERDA 750 SF1.


Genieß die Fotos von der 10. Internationalen Sonntagberg Classic Trophy!


Bergrennen Landshaag – St. Martin, Oberösterreich. Schau dir die Fotos an!



Maxx Krenn builds a replica of Franz Laimböck's Non-Frame LAVERDA 1200 racer.


Hannes, Werner and Gert were at the Mostra Scambio in Novegro-Milan.


Our calendar of events 2014 is online!


LAVERDA-Kalender 2014

Erich Müllegger ist nicht nur ein hervorragender Fotograf, sondern seit kurzem auch stolzer LAVERDA-Besitzer (LAVERDA 750 SF1).
Erich hat uns seinen LAVERDA-Kalender 2014 zur Verfügung gestellt - vielen Dank!


We are happy to welcome a new LAVERDA friend: Gerhard Schütt with his nice LAVERDA 1000 Jota Replica.


In today's custom-bike-scene LAVERDA mods are comparatively rare:

Alessandro Carobbo from the workshop of "SALVA' RUSEN & ROTAM" has refined an old LAVERDA 1000 3C:
The frame has been built by the Italian Adriano Zanoni of Tarakay Racing:

Takashi Iwamoto of Cascade Cafe Racer in Hawthorme, California has modified a LAVERDA 750 SF reminiscent of the endurance racers of the 70s:

Also, the "Wrenchmonkee"-style LAVERDA 750 SF in Copenhagen/Denmark has been completed:


Bernhard Zojer has updated his page.


Hannes Micheler has updated his page.


Grab the Flag races at Rijeka/Croatia - see the pix!.


Three articles with LAVERDA content in the German magazine "MO".
The special issue "Italian Motorcycles" of the German motorcycle magazine "MO" contains three atricles

featuring LAVERDA:
1.) A 6-page detailed portrait about Piero Laverda.
2.) A 4-page story about a LAVERDA 750 SFC with a past racing history - previously owned by Larry Strung and Tip Parker - 4 pages.
3.) A 4-page feature article about "La Signora", an exceptional modification of a LAVERDA 750 SF.


The October 2013 issue of the Austrian "MOTORRAD-MAGAZIN" features a 6 page article about Horst Scheuer, proud owner of four 1200 LAVERDAs. Also included is a report about his appearance at the Rupert-Hollaus-Memorial-Race.

The October 2013 issue of the German magazine "OLDTIMER-MARKT" includes a 6 page article about the LAVERDA 750 SFC. Based on a 1972 drum-brake the history of the 750 SFC is told and personal experience of owners is included. The only Club mentioned at the end of the article is LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH!!!


A LAVERDA 1000 in Romania.
Hannes Hämmerle has travelled around Romania on his LAVERDA 1000 3C. In the course he also rode the 148 km long mountain road "Transalpina - Road of the King" with its highest point at 2.132m. This road was already opened in 1939, but got fully sealed only in 2011.

A LAVERDA 750 GT in Hungary.
Andreas Hofinger-Horvath has travelled Hungary on his 1970 LAVERDA 750 GT, up to the furthest parts in the North-East of the country. Andreas: "I think it is important to show that a LAVERDA is built to be ridden. A Hungarian motorcycle dealer was fascinated by my 750 GT, he had neither heard the real sound of a LAVERDA twin, nor had he ever seen one in the flesh.


See the pics from the 8th Meeting of LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH.


A LAVERDA 1200 in the regional daily "Die Krone".
The Lower-Austria regional issue of "Krone" sports a photo of Robert "Hirschi" Hirscheggers LAVERDA 1200 SC as announcement for the "Raxking" charity event. The picture covers almost one third of the page!


Der Bericht und die Fotos vom 10. Int. Rupert Hollaus Gedächtnisrennen mit LAVERDA-Treffen und -Sonderläufen sind online.


The 2013 racing season has finally started:
Alfred Wais and Robert Schlachter took their LAVERDAs to the 28. Seiberer Hill Climb. Robert Schlachter also entered the 34. Braunsberg Hill Climb.
Robert Hirschegger and Hansi Mayer raced at the first round of the "Grab the Flag" at the Pannonia Circuit.



Die Custom-Schmiede "Wrenchmonkees" in Kopenhagen arbeitet an einer LAVERDA 750 SF - das sieht schon sehr vielversprechend aus:

Auch "Custom Wolf" hat einen spektakulären Umbau mit Rau-Rahmen und LAVERDA-Motor gebaut:


Our calendar of events 2013 is online!


Grab the Flag races at Rijeka/Croatia - see the pix!.


New featherlight carbon fiber bodywork for our old LAVERDAs:

Boba Vukomanovic is producing high quality fairings, tanks, seats, side panels, fenders and chain guards for Laverda twins and triples. The quality is excellent, the price is very reasonable!


Die Fotos vom 7. Treffen der LAVERDA FREUNDE ÖSTERREICH sind online.


Ein Bericht und Bilder vom "9. Internationalen Rupert Hollaus Gedächtnisrennen" am RedBull-Ring in Spielberg.


"Grab the Flag" - Rennen am neuen Slovakiaring - schau dir die Fotos an!


Four days with the LAVERDA-Friends in Slovenia.


Spring 2012: We take a peek into the workshops of our LAVERDA-Friends.


The Australian ICR-Breganzane team of Steve and Christiane has a completely re-worked race-bike - the 917SLC - and a new website.

The bikes first appearance at the Barry Sheene Festival of Speed immediately showed fantastic results. 6 starts, 6 victories, two titles and an everlasting lap-record.

You can also find the team on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube:
Photos: Ian Anderson


Also this year we had a fantastic race-weekend at the "Grab the Flag" races at Pannoniaring/Hungary.


Our calendar of events 2012 is online!


Franz Schneider is making swift progress in restoring his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200S. Quite recently he put the engine into the frame.
The bike had spent last 25 years in banana-boxes but in spring 2012 she will finally roar again!


A real fan needs at least three LAVERDAs and Martin Lorenz from Rum in Tyrol has got them. A 500 SFC, a 750 SF2 and a SFC-Replica are adorning his garage. Martin is a member of the local vintage motorcycle club, OCI - Oldtimer Club Innsbruck:


Grab the Flag races at Rijeka/Croatia - see the pix!.


See the pics from our 6th Austrian LAVERDA meeting.


Bericht und Bilder vom "8. Internationalen Rupert Hollaus Gedächtnisrennen" am neuen RedBull-Ring in Spielberg.


Walter Völsner at the Goldberg-Hill-Climb in Upper Austria.


Siegi Schott at the ASI Motoshow in Italy.


Also this year we had a fantastic race-weekend at the "Grab the Flag" races at Pannoniaring/Hungary.


Spring 2011: We take a peek into the workshops of our LAVERDA-Friends.


Tom und Monika proudly present:
Thomas Johann - a new LAVERDA driver is born!



A rare sight today: A comercial spot with Horst Scheuers red LAVERDA 1200.
Kinospot "Ärzte ohne Grenzen wirkt weltweit" (40sec)


What a surprise: Piero Laverda in Vienna!
Piero Laverda visited the Austrian "Laverda Corse" racer Hermann Ansorge (
We had a nice meeting with Piero at Horst Scheuers restaurant "Skopik&Lohn" ( in Vienna.

From left to right: Gert Schnögl, Piero Laverda, Horst Scheuer, Hermann Ansorge


Our calendar of events 2011 is online!


Grab the Flag races at Rijeka/Croatia - see the pix!.


New exciting projects from the world of LAVERDA:

The Italian company BETAC presented their "SFC Supertwin 801" at the IMOT. 95 hp at 123 kg sound pretty serious.

Three Italian enthusiasts presented the "750 SF Breganze Motociclette Italiane" at the EICMA in Milan:

For quite a while there were rumours about Franz Laimböck building another special racing LAVERDA. Now for the first time photos and technical details are available.

It is always amazing to see what LAVERDA fans all over the globe are capable of doing.


For those who didn’t know before: Heinz Kinigadner did his very first Moto Cross Worldchampionship race in1978 in Spain on a LAVERDA 125 LH. In the national championship in Austria he raced a LAVERDA 250 LH. He is loyal to the orange color until these days.


In 1977 LAVERDA was assigned with a development task by BMW. In the course LAVERDA built two off-road prototypes which gave the essential thought-provoking impulses for the BMW R80 G/S: Special frame, Marzocchi forks, lenghtened swingarm, 800 cc engine and 5-speed gearbox.

Read the whole story:


See the pics from our 5th Austrian LAVERDA meeting.


Bernhard Zojer and Hannes Micheler visited the 7. International LAVERDA-Meeting in Breganze.


Read the report and see the pics from the 14th International Tauplitzalm Hill-Climb 2010 !


Bernhard Zojer hat seine grüne LAVERDA 1000 3CL von Osttirol nach England getrieben und schickt uns Grüße aus dem Ace Cafe London. Gratulation an Bernhard - das hat noch nicht jeder mit seiner LAVERDA gemacht!


9th. International Oldtimer Hill-Climb Göstling–Hochkar 2010. See the pix!


Unser jährliches LAVERDA-Treffen findet heuer an einem neuen Ort statt:
Wir treffen uns am 4. September 2010 beim Gasthaus "Zum Auerhahn"/Familie Rumpler in Maria Schutz am Semmering.
Infos bei Gert Schnögl 0676/7705885 oder Robert Hirschegger 0664/4340917


"Zeitreise" Time travel - Motorcycle Classic in Laa an der Thaya/Niederösterreich – See the pix!


"7. Internationales Rupert Hollaus Memorial Race" am Salzburgring 2010 – See the pix!


Also this year we had a fantastic race-weekend with a lot of austrian LAVERDA racers at the "Grab the Flag" races at Pannoniaring/Hungary.


Wolfgang Huber has turned an "Ugly Duckling" into a beautiful "Swan" - and Horstl Scheuer is pleased about it!

Gerhard Schütt's LAVERDA SFC Replica (Ex Andy Varga) is ready for take-off for the upcoming season.

High-class visit from down under: Red and his charming wife Maxene from Brisbane are visiting the LAVERDA Freunde.
Take here a look at Reds and Maxenes workshop.


Hannes Micheler discovered a very rare LAVERDA 200 from 1963.

Franz Neuwirth from Upper Austria has restored a beautiful LAVERDA 1000 3C.


Our calendar of events 2010 is online!


Our monthly meeting took place at Andres comfortable workshop - see the pix!


Because of the fact that real LAVERDA-Friends rarely are satisfied with just the one bike, Bernhard Zojer bought a beautiful LAVERDA 1000 3CL.

"Cycle Doctor" Tom Eatman is running a LAVERDA-workshop in Weiler-Simmerberg/Bavaria and now also a MySpace site.


We are happy to welcome a new LAVERDA friend: Bernhard Zojer with his nice LAVERDA 750 SF.


We've received LAVERDA-greetings from Serbia:

Slobodan "Boba" has got a nice collection of LAVERDA motorcycles and is presently building a race-triple. The 750 SFC-replica is his daily ride. Besides those he also owns a Chico LAVERDA 1200 and a 500 sports project bike.
In 2010 we want to hear your racer roar!

See you soon Boba!


Our LAVERDApresident Gert reports from „Grab the Flag“ race in Rijeka.


"LAVERDA 1949-2009 - Years of Legend"
Exhibition and meeting at the Boxenstop Museum in Tübingen - see the pix!


New links:

International LAVERDA 600 Atlas Owners Registry

A site dedicated to the LAVERDA Formula 500 and Montjuic 500


Starke LAVERDA-Beteiligung beim 3. Großraming Revival am Ennstalring und beim Power Race in Trieben. Schau dir die Bilder an!


See the pics from our 4th Austrian LAVERDA meeting.


Sensational double-victory for LAVERDA at the Ducati Speedweek 2009.

60th anniversary of Moto LAVERDA in Breganze/Italy. See the pix!


On his 50th birthday Gert Schnögl got a great birthday gift from his friends: a LAVERDA 100 Sport, year 1958.



Hannes Micheler has discovered a true gem in Bergamo/Italy which he brought home to Carinthia. A pristine LAVERDA 100 Sport in Milano-Taranto race-trim.

Albert Pacher ( has discovered a rare Sulzbacher-LAVERDA 1200 SS in Treibach-Althofen which of course he could not resist buying..

Bernhard Zojer from Dölsach/Lienz had a childhood dream come true. He now owns a LAVERDA 750 SF which had been restored by Wolfgang Velikogne.

After 2 years and countless hours in his workshop, Gerhard Schütt from Amstetten managed to get his LAVERDA 750 S race-bike to run.

Roland "GAU" Posch ( has converted his Sulzbacher-LAVERDA 1000 3CL into an awesome Cafe-Racer. We congratulate him on this alteration and will give you a detailed report soon.


Read the report and see the pics from the 13th International Tauplitzalm Hill-Climb 2009 !


8th. International Oldtimer Hill-Climb Göstling–Hochkar 2009. See the pix!


1. International Goldberg Classic in Upper Austria. See the pix!


We had a fantastic race-weekend with a lot of austrian LAVERDA racers at the "Grab the Flag" races at Pannoniaring/Hungary.


What to do if you're a real LAVERDA enthusiast, the winter has been going on for way too long and the Pound is at its lowest?
You buy a LAVERDA in England and ride her home! With temperatures around 5 degrees Celsius and pouring rain, Horstl Scheuer rode his newly acquired LAVERDA 1200 from London to Vienna. That's more than 1500 km - around 1000 miles for our imperial readers - in wintery weather conditions. Every 150 km Horst took a break to fuel up and get a bit of warmth into his bones.
When he arrived in Vienna he looked astonishingly fresh, his only concern being to get the road salt off his LAVERDA as quickly as possible.


Our calendar of events 2009 is online!
New in our Links section: - the website of the international Laverda community.


LAVERDA friend Robert Schlachter entered his Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC at the International Airport Race Days in Hohenems.


Horstl Scheuer bought one of the rare Haider-LAVERDA 1200's and will enter it next year at the "Grab the Flag". Robert „Hirschi“ Hirschegger has offered to do the race prep.
At the Ducati Speedweek in 1998 Horstl has won his last race on a Haider-LAVERDA 1200, so we are very eager to see what he is going to do in the upcoming season.

While rummaging through his photo box, Peter Horvath ( discovered a picture of the Dektereff LAVERDA Corsa: "I helped with building the Dektereff LAVERDA Corsa, it was a Motoplast-Frame. At the time I was employed by Dektereff and used to spanner in a tiny back room of his workshop."


Our LAVERDAfriend Hans Mayer entered his LAVERDA 750 SF at the "Grab the Flag" races in Rijeka.
There are two newely purchased LAVERDAs in Siegi Schotts garage: a original 1200 and a very rare 200.


See the pics from our 3nd Austrian LAVERDA meeting.


We had a fantastic race-weekend with a lot of stars and and a lot of LAVERDAs at the "5. Internationalen Rupert Hollaus Memorial" at the Salzburgring.


7th. International Oldtimer Hill-Climb Göstling–Hochkar 2008. See the pix and video!


12th. International Tauplitzalm Hill-Climb 2008. See the pix and video!


4. International Damberg Classic in Upper Austria. See the pix and video!


The 2nd LAVERDA Rally was held between May 23 and 25 in Bovec/Slovenija, in the picturesque valley of the river Soca. See the pix!


Season opening on the Pannoniaring in Hungary: at "Grab the Flag" LAVERDA was represented through five bikes.


We got LAVERDA greetings from Spain:

Hello, sorry for my English is very very very bad. My name is Julio Sarasola, I live in Asturias, Spain (north of spain). I run in races of classic motorcycles. This bike is a 500 Montjuic, but with pistons of 1000 Jota (high compression), Has enlarged the barrel, crankcase up and the cylinder head To enter the 1000 shirts. The pic is in Jerez circuit (13-10-2007). Julio

We wish Julio all the best for the next racing season!


There are some new bikes in the club:

Gerhard Schuetts LAVERDA 750S racer is no longer a basket full of parts. His first run will be at Int. Damberg Classic on 24. – 25. May 2008.

Hannes Micheler made himself a christmas present: a darkgreen LAVERDA 750 SF from 1973 in very nice condition.

To make Maria Ettinger a LAVERDA-owner Gert and Juergen made a 2.200 km weekend trip. From Pescara/ Italy they brought home a very neat bike: a first series LAVERDA 250 Chott.


We are happy to welcome a new LAVERDA-Friend an our site: Hans Burger has been faithful to his darkgreen LAVERDA 750 SF2 already since 1980.


We have dug out an Austrian LAVERDA-Special from the 70s: The Dektereff LAVERDA Corsa. This race bike was built up in 1977 by Edi Bauer and Rudl Wagner. Whoever has pictures of this bike or knows of her history, should contact Gert Schnögl (phone +43-676-770 58 85, e-mail:


Peter Thallinger from Upper Austria has sent us pictures of his two LAVERDAs. He is looking forward to the next riding season and has promised to come to our LAVERDA rally at Gloggnitz.


Frank Heilmann has built up a LAVERDA 1000 to suit his taste and was not afraid to invest money and effort. You can admire the bike from 31.01.2008 till 03.02.2008 at the "Fighters"-stand at the "bike 2008".


Gerts restauration project, the white Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC, is ready to go. See the pix!


Three LAVERDAs were starting at the "2. Int. Motorcycle-Revival at the Ennstalring/Großraming“.


See the pics from our 2nd Austrian LAVERDA meeting.


We had a fantastic race-weekend with Piero Laverda and his legendary V6 at the "4. Internationalen Rupert Hollaus Memorial" at Salzburgring.


HAUER LAVERDA 1200 SC – the legend's alive! Many LAVERDA-Enthusiasts have heard rumours about her, but only very few have ever seen her: the Hauer-LAVERDA 1200 SC. We are presenting this legend! With pictures and a bit of story.


We welcome a new Sulzbacher LAVERDA owner:
Jens from Hamburg with his newly accquired ultra rare Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200SC.


We had a fantastic race-weekend at "Grab the Flag" on Pannoniaring/Hungary.


We are happy to welcome a new LAVERDA-Friend an our site: Siegi Schott with his collection of eleven LAVERDAS.


Michael Stöcker ( has sent us pictures from his last restauration - a beautifull LAVERDA 100.


Gert is doing a very well job on the restauration of his LAVERDA 1200 SC, more and more dates of this years LAVERDA events are coming in and there are several new entries in our collection of LAVERDA links worth a visit.


Hannes Micheler finished the restauration of his LAVERDA 750 SF1, Hirschi had the first testrun of his LAVERDA 1200 racer at the Pannoniaring and Gerts restauration of his LAVERDA 1200SC is ongoing.


We are happy to welcome a new LAVERDA friend: Andreas Braito with his nice LAVERDA 1000 SH.


Once again the LAVERDA Freunde Österreich visit the vintage market in Imola.


See the pics from our 1st Austrian LAVERDA meeting.


See the nice pics from Willi Werndls 3th International LAVERDA meeting and read the new story of our carinthian LAVERDA friend Hannes Micheler and his silvergrey 1000 3CL.


For the first time, together with their friends of the Club Akustik Italiana, the LAVERDA Freunde Österreich are organising a neat little LAVERDA rally in Lower Austria. September 9th/10th is an absolute must for every Austrian LAVERDA rider.
More information from Gert Schnögl 0676/7705885 or Robert Hirschegger 0664/4340917.


We found three more of the legendary Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC in Austria - still on the road - see the new pics! Hirschi mailed us photos from the "Grab the flag"-races at the Pannoniaring/Hungary - three LAVERDAS were at the start. And Gerhard Schuett found also three LAVERDAS at the "3. International Damberg Classic" races.


New Pics from the big party at the LAVERDA-Museum, Lisse/NL and workshops news from Hirschi (1200SC Racer) and Gert (1200SC restoration).


See and hear the first test run of Hirschis green LAVERDA 1200 SC - 109HP/108Nm - with a new set of 40mm flatslide carburettors - video download (3MB).


New pics in the Sulzbacher-LAVERDA gallery: We got pics of Franz Rath fantastic, highly polished 1200 SC. His story will follow.


Press review: The new special edition "Motorräder aus Italien" of the german magazine "MO-Motorradmagazin" shows Michael Stöcker with his LAVERDA 500 racer on four pages.


We have two new stories about Austrian LAVERDA friends: Thomas Wintersteller and his beautiful 1000 3C and Robert "Härtling" Gruber with his spectacular triple Chopper.


Hirschi has made nice progress with his race-project. Who wants to know what a SUIZI-LAVERDA is, should check out our gallery. And all those who don't know yet what to do between July 21st and 23rd, check out our event page!


Gert has got a new flame! Follow the history of his ambitious project to rebuild a Sulzbacher LAVERDA 1200 SC. We will constantly present you the latest news right out of the workshop.


Soon the wait will be over. On April 15 and 16 Cor Dees will open a museum in Lisse in the Netherlands and present his unique private collection of more than 60 LAVERDAS to the esteemed public. From Piero Laverda to Edoardo Dossena, from the first LAVERDA ever built to the V6-Replica - get a taste! Programme and background information.


There are new pictures of a Sulzbacher Laverda 1200SC in our gallery. Siegmund Schott from Traun in Oberösterreich has owned this bike since 1986.


Massimo Laverda 1938-2005
Massimo Laverda died yesterday, October 27th from a heart attack.
His spirit, his thoughts and ingenuity will live as long as there are people like us to remember him, to carry him in our hearts and to treat his creations and ideas with respect, fondness and passion.
Farewell Massimo.


Willi Werndl is not only famous due to his fantastic LAVERDA meeting in Simbach in 2003, right now also the German "Motorrad Classic" is featuring him and the LAVERDA 750 SFC in the November/December issue. The volume is presently available from all good newsagents.


The LAVERDA Freunde Österreich are welcoming a new member: Franz Kasser and his LAVERDA 500 Montjuic are finally granted their rightful place on the podium. Some "old-new" sensational home-made specials should not be overlooked. And the busy "Motorrad Magazin" is showing on page 10 of the actual October issue, where the Austrian wind is blowing.


Only three weeks after the homepage of LAVERDA Freunde Österreich went on air, we proudly present the English version. Who is to blame?


The LAVERDA Freunde Österreich visit the vintage market in Imola. Gert Schnögl (almost) live from the track.


It is finished!

The web site of the LAVERDA Freunde Österreich goes online on 09-09-2005 at 11.00 a.m.


Sleepless nights for Zonko!

Since editor-in-chief of „Der Reitwagen" first saw the LAVERDA of Robert „Hirschi" Hirschegger, he hasn't had a proper night's sleep. More about it in the September issue of this honourable magazine on page 18, right now available at every newsagent's for a mere EUR 3,30.